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Juan José Albarracín, S.A.

Juan José Albarracín, S.A is a remarkable company in manufacture, marketing and distribution of spices, herbs and seasonings (particularly all capsicums paprika, cayenne/chillie….). The Company’s operations and its relationship to other parties shall be known by honesty, integrity, openness, respect for human rights and for the rights ofits employees. All operations and employees shall obey all current laws and regulations in force in the countries where the operations are carried out. All suppliers and contractors who wish to conduct business with Juan José Albarracín, S.Aare expected to conform to the principles and practices as set forth in this document. Failure to conform as expected may result in a loss ofbusiness with the company.

Law Compliance

The company’s business activities will conform to applicable legal requirements, including those requirements pertinent to equal employment opportunity, wages and benefits, worker and product safety. Juan José Albarracín, S.A. is also responsible for honouring and abiding contracts with suppliers. Most countries have laws that govern the ways in which companies may compete. The purpose of these laws is to prevent interference with a competitive market system. Juan José Albarracín, S.A. complies with all such laws.

Employment Practices

The following principles apply to the company's employment practices:

A. Child Labour

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. does not use child labour. We also require our suppliers and partners to have the same position towards child labour. The minimum age for employment, according to ILO conventions, is 14 or 15 years or older if local legislation requires. When younger persons are employed by Juan José Albarracín, S.A. care is taken not to endanger their health, non disturb their education or development.

B. Forced Labour

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. does not use forced labour, involuntary or unsalaried work in any form. Salary or personal property is not taken as a pledge or be deposited in exchange for work. No one is forced to remain at work at any time against his or her will. Bodily punishments or other forms ofphysical, sexual or psychological punishments or harassment may not occur.

C. Working Hours

The Company’s employees work in compliance with all applicable laws referring to the number of hours and days worked. Employees are provided with reasonable daily and weekly work schedules, and adequate allowance is made for time off .

D. Compensation

Employees are fairly compensated and provided with wages and benefits that comply with applicable laws, including appropriate compensation for overtime work and other premium pay situations required by law.

E. Discrimination

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. does not accept work-site discrimination due to ethnic background, race, gender, religion or other doctrines of faith, diminished function or sexual disposition.

F. Workplace

The employees shall be ensured a safe work environment, one that does not threaten their health, where accidents are avoided and where there is sufficient access to potable water, sanitation facilities and essential protective equipment. Current legislation shall be considered the minimum requirement and our goal is to achieve a higher standard while retaining cost efficiency.

Business Practices

Purchases ofmaterials and services will only be made from suppliers who continually meet our company’s specifications on manufacturing practices, distribution methods, product quality, delivery dates and price objectives. This Conduct Code is not in lieu of , but is in addition to the supplier’s obligations to the company, as set forth in any written agreement between the company and the supplier. Should there be a conflict between this Conduct Code and the agreement in question, the agreement shall control.

A. Supplier Products

All products when offered for sale to the Juan José Albarracín, S.A. shall comply with the Company’s specifications and all applicable laws of the country and political subdivisions in which they are to be offered for sale.

B. Audits

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. periodically conducts inspections to ensure their compliance with the principles set forth in this document. In addition, the Company may conduct such audits and inspections of Supplier’s facilities, records and employees to confirm compliance with this document. Unsatisfactory audit results may result in the Company terminating its relationship with the Supplier, without further liability.

C. Bribery and Corruption

Employees must never, directly or through intermediaries, offer or promise any personal or improper financial or other advantage in order to obtain or retain a business or other advantage from a third party, whether public or private. Nor must they accept any such advantage in return for any preferential treatment ofa third party. Moreover, employees must refrain from any activity or behaviour that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion ofsuch conduct or the attempt thereof . Employees should be aware that the offering or giving ofimproper benefits in order to influence the decision ofthe recipient, even ifhe or she is not a government official, may not only entail disciplinary sanctions but also result in criminal charges. Improper benefits may consist ofanything ofvalue for the recipient, including employment or consultancy contracts for closely related parties.

Business Ethics

The company is committed to uncompromising integrity in all that it does. While standards ofconduct are mainly based on laws, they also reflect the values that define the Company.

A. Conflict of interest

A Conflict of Interest occurs when personal interests of an employee or the interests ofa third party compete with the interests ofthe companý. In such a situation, it can be difficult for the employee to act fully in the best interests ofJuan José Albarracín, S.A.. Employees shall avoid Conflicts ofInterest whenever possible. Ifa Conflict ofInterest situation has occurred or ifan employee faces a situation that may involve or lead to a Conflict ofInterest, the employee shall disclose it to his or her Line Manager and/or the HR or the Legal or Compliance Function to resolve the situation in a fair and transparent manner.

B. Confidential information

The Company's business information is a valuable corporate asset. Juan José Albarracín, S.A. and its employees and directors have an obligation to safeguard confidential information about the Company and to protect it against unauthorised disclosure. This obligation is also enforced in the duration of the Company’s relationship with Suppliers; or the duration ofemployment or service ofthe Supplier’s employees.

C. Respect for the enviroment

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. conducts its business in a manner compatible with the environment and in accordance with applicable law. Reasonable standards of care shall be taken to protect the environment and to provide for the health and safety ofemployees and the communities in which facilities are operated. To accomplish this, Juan José Albarracín, S.A.:

  •  Takes prudent steps to minimise solid waste by reducing, reusing and recycling materials.
  •  Encourages conservation ofresources and energy.
  •  Provides training and education for its employees, as appropriate.
  •  Supports efforts to establish and implement policies that also protect the environment.


In order to fulfil our responsibilities to the societies where we work we have adopted a responsible, long-range business attitude based on respect for the cultures, values and traditions existing in those countries.

Business partners

Juan José Albarracín, S.A. seeks to establish mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, customers and partners. We expect that our partners work according to ethical guidelines that correspond to ours.


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