Integrated Quality and Safety Food Policy
Juan José Albarracín, S.A.


Quality and Food Safety

The managing board at Juan José Albarracín, S.A. establishes the following Integrated Quality and Food Safety Policy, which it develops and applies and is available and will be kept as documented information; and as such is communicated, understood and applied inside the organization, and is available to whomever it may concern. Such policy has been defined based on the following principles:

1. To produce and market paprika, chili, cayenne, a mix of species with a base of paprika, paprika oleoresin; and to market saffron and ground and/or whole garlic, in full compliance with client needs, and taking full responsibility before them.

2. Inculcate a FOOD SAFETY CULTURE throughout our organization, to encourage values, beliefs and regulations concerning cast of mind and general behavior, related to Food Safety.

3. To comply with relevant requirements, such as legal requirements, security based requirements, and those demanded by our clients, not to mention those outlined by the company itself in search of a product of the highest possible quality; also comply with the obligation to manufacture innocuous, legal and authentic products that conform to the specified quality in each.

4. To utilize in the production process materials and products which are regarded as suitable, safe and having premium quality.

5. To have up-to-date, neat and clean production facilities, suitable for the manufacturing of high quality and safe products.

6. To provide with a suitable security system that guarantees the protection of the manufacturing premises, the working offices and the integrity of the product itself.

7. To ensure the adequacy of our human resources, the methods and the equipment used for measuring as well as for control procedures.

8. To act in compliance with the regulations relating to labor risk prevention, in order to protect the safety and health of the staff at their workplaces.

9. The Management commits to complying with the the conduct code defined by the company.

This Integrated Quality and Safety Food Policy, along with its subsequent periodic reviews, aims to establish the very foundation that set the basis of the quality standards as well as the specific goals, and the continuous enhancement milestones of the company’s Integrated Quality and Safety Food Policy. The organization develops and applies this policy as a whole in the context of the organization itself (including affected parties, activities and company processes) via a deployed Management System based on the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 norm, and the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, furthermore the commitment for compliance with the Halal and Kosher Guarantee distinctions. Such policy is conveyed to the entire organization for everyone to comply with.


Juan José Albarracín, S.A. is fully aware that industrial development can negatively affect the environment. Thus, the company aims to improve its relation with the natural environment consolidating a “Sustainable Development”, for which it commits to making its industrial development compatible with the prevention of environmental pollution. This compromise will be materialized in the guidelines set out below:

1º.   Comply with current legislation and its modifications related to the environment as well as regulations, guidelines, procedures and other requirements which the company undergoes; increasing its demands when this is considered to be important for the environment, the health of its workers or the well-being of the local community.

2º.   Apply possible minimization techniques in its industrial processes, trying to continuously improve the reduction of environmental effects associated with the production processes as long as this is technically and economically viable.

3º.   The company will constantly seek alternatives for the recovery, re-use or recycling of the sub-products and wastes produced during their activity.

4º.   The company commits to disclose and develop with their stakeholders our environmental policy, promoting the use of natural resources and good agricultural practices.


Juan José Albarracín, S.A. is maintaining a commitment with both Society and Environment, integrating Business Responsibility and Sustainability Policy among its business Strategies. The Managing Direction is involved in the acceptance, boost and implantation of this Policy as a sustainable business model, and where profitability and contribution with progress for present and future generations go in the same direction.

The purpose of this Policy is establishing a pattern to be used as a reference for the operations development, counting with the global Organisation compromise, as well as with its related groups of interest (Clients, Suppliers, Employees, Associates, Society, etc.). The main Action Areas for our Sustainability Policy and Business Responsibility are:
- Business Integrity: Code of Conduct
- Labour Regulation: a fair relationship with our employees
- Health and Safety: commitment to the Staff wellness.
- Environmental Management:
          Goal: Improvement of agriculture practices

In Murcia, a 29th of Jan 2021
José María Albarracín Gil



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